Lately I have been fortunate enough to get a ride on a few friends skiffs and it got me thinking about guest etiquette.  What do I need to know?  Are there any rules about this?  I have written down a few things that should help make your day on the water a more favorable experience and hopefully you get another invite to go fishing again. 

Of course we all are great people, we fly fish!  Sharing the real estate on a skiff for a day with someone new can either be a great experience or a long day.  I'm not going to go into common sense things, but some of the things I will write about might not be common sense to the average bear.  In random order, here is a list......

  1. Wear non-marking soles.
  2. Don't bring every piece of gear you own. One backpack and a few fly rods should do it.
  3. Don't slam the hatches and be aware of the noise you are making.
  4. Don't rock the boat while casting.
  5. Listen to the guy poling the boat, about where to cast and trust him.
  6. Calm down and make a good cast.
  7. Don't guide the guide.
  8. Be ready to pole your friend around too, they like to fish too.
  9. Offer up some gas money, boats don't run on thanks.
  10. Offer to help clean the boat.
  11. Have a positive attitude.

That is the short list I always try to remind myself of when I get an invite to go chase some fish