It always comes to a point, late in watefowl season, when the birds don't quite work tight into the decoys and you seem to have extra time to think about things to come. For me, this time often revolves around visions of copper and speckled chrome aggressively inhaling feathers, fur and shiny pieces of synthetic material bound to a hook. Like most, Ihave been tying and filling boxes, building leaders, getting gear organized and thinking a lot about fly rod design.

2016 is going to be full of exciting new rod concepts, the full line that we currently produce will receive some awesome additions. The "Fiberglass Renaissance" has us testing a few offerings in that realm as well. I am looking forward to being at the rod building bench this year. On the topic of rod design, we are due to release the new "Nano" rods this season. This rod has really surpassed my expectations. After watching other builders produce shorter rods for bass fisheries it just made sense for us to give it a go in the salt. Designed to carry shooting head style lines, these rods will give casters the ability to make very accurate casts with flies the size of Cornish game hens. We went for the one piece concept, at 7'6" this will not be the rod that most anglers will carry on a plane, but if you run a skiff or paddle a kayak on home waters your gonna love the Nano. We will be producing these in dual line ratings 8/9 ,9/10 and 11/12. What does that mean?  If you are finding that conditions requirelonger casts, run the lower end of the line rating. When conditions dictate shorter presentations run the higher side of the line rating. This will load the rod slightly deeper allowing you to hit targets atshorter distances while carrying less line overhead.

As spring approaches I'm already thinking about some new concept rods for the beach front fisheries. So many possibilities are right on the horizon, this is why I build rods, so much has already been done. What's next ? That question can only be answered by sweeping up the thread scraps and cork dust and throwing another blank on the wrapping bench. If you have any questions about rod design or simply need a recommendation on one of our rods contact us.

David Cunningham

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