Its cold outside and the wind is howling out of the north dumping all of the water out of the marsh.

Earlier in the week I arranged a trip with two of my good friends, skiff builder Brian and camera magician Robert.  We planned the trip around the weather and set the date for Sunday at 9 am.  Sunday rolls around and we are greeted with ice cream conditions. We normally like to get on the water after the sun is a little higher in the sky to help with visibility, but when I woke up I rallied the troops and we were on the water around 8.  Brian found some redfish the day before on a scouting trip, so we headed straight for the pond.

As we motor through the marsh Brian eases up on the motor and climbs onto the poling platform. We quietly  get all our gear ready and slowly pole into position.  The water clarity was fair to good for Texas standards and the mud boils were a nice welcoming sign. We pole around the pond and spot a few here and there, but the redfish are not interested in our fly selection. Hmmm.. must the the high pressure.

I'm a big believer in major and minor feed times and today the major was set to kick off at 11:30 and last a few hours.  Up until then we saw a dozen or so uninterested fish and by the time the major hit, we saw 20-30 more and actually convinced a few to eat.

It was a fun day on the water and trying to get the redfish to eat in shallow water, with high pressure that tested our patience and presentations. Sometimes you catch them all and sometimes getting a few spooky fish to eat and it makes your day. Until next time......

Rob Schumske


Brian weaving through the marsh.                          

photo: Rob Schumske

After you catch, you pole.

photo: Robert Jones

photo: Robert Jones