Man, What a way to start out the year!!!!! The marshfly website is up and the fishing has been pretty epic. All the while the weather has been less than stellar, with extreme low tides and high winds, making it hard to put any kind on decent pattern on the fish.


I have been fishing quite a bit lately and while all the trips have not been successful, what I lacked in quantity I made up in quality. Sheepshead, trout, and bull reds have been the target lately, and I landed my personal best sheepie.  

My buddy Brian and I were out poling a flat and we spot a sheepie about 100 yards off, tailing on a clump of oyster.  First cast was a little behind, but the second cast was right on the money. Two strips later I was tight, and brought this fish boat side for a few pics.


On another trip we had our sights set on jacks, but ended up with a trout trip of a lifetime on the fly.  Brian boated the first trout of the day, a personal best for him at 24".  

He then proceeded to catch 3 more big girls up to 27 3/4". I followed up with my best trout on the fly at a hair under 26" and 6.5lbs.

Epic day and we only fished them for an hour and a half, we lost daylight and headed home.

The most recent trip we were targeting big bull reds and while the conditions were about average for the time of year (windy) I managed my biggest bull on the fly.

As I think back while writing this blog, I think to myself, Iā€™m off to a good start and hopefully there are more big fish in my future. I have a few more plans to target big fish this year. Cobia, Tarpon, and big Jacks are on the list. Stay tuned to the blog and see what we are up to.
— Rob Schumske