I've had some great success with the convicts lately out in the bay. I thought I would write down my experiences and add a little fly tying step-by-step on what has helped me make these suckers bite.  

I'm at best a, decent guy behind the vice, and by far the guy you want to ask for fly fishing advice. What I have experienced with sheepies is just my.... well experience and I think the fly has a lot to do with it. Its not a pattern I made up (I don't think) but it is a pattern that catches sheepies and reds in my home waters.

I’m not the greatest fly tier in the world, but I do like to spend my extra time with a bobbin in hand and feathers on the floor.
— Rob Schumske



  • Beadchain eyes
  • Craft fur
  • Rubber legs
  • Chenille
  • Arctic fox